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About Us

Yarandi Event Company is a dynamic and innovative organization that operates within the realms of advertising, branding, event management, and the provision of effective marketing solutions. Our approach is grounded in the latest scientific and professional methodologies. By leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, accumulated experience, and collaborative partnerships with leading protocol and event management firms, we deliver unparalleled services to our clientele. It is a source of great pride for Yarandi Event Company that we have consistently contributed to the advancement of advertising and branding expertise within Iran, serving as a distinguished model for other industry participants. Guided by a creative and artistic mindset, anchored in a knowledge-driven approach, and backed by the specialized expertise of our human capital, we are resolute in our pursuit of addressing the diverse needs of our valued customers.

علیرضا یارندی

Best Event Planner Company In Iran

Yarandi Holding at a glance

The Yarandi Holding offers its services through eight specialized departments, staffed by a cohort of creative, experienced, and innovative individuals.

Over the course of the past 15 years, the Yarandi Event team takes great pride in having consistently provided high-quality services to our clientele, while ensuring the most appropriate allocation of budgetary resources - a distinction that we consider to be the organization's greatest and most valuable accomplishment.

Organizing exhibitions, conferences, seminars, product launch events, and various corporate gatherings, the Yarandi Event team employs contemporary methodologies and captivating ideas, strategically diverging from outmoded approaches. This guiding philosophy is central to our programming, as it enables us to foster efficiency, allure, and growth in the execution of diverse event-based initiatives.

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Attain Heightened Visibility with Purpose

The comprehensive market targeting and competitor analysis conducted by our branding team is dedicated to identifying and accentuating the unique differentiating factors of your brand in relation to others within the marketplace.

Holding Event

Orchestrating Impactful Events

We collaborate closely with brand managers and custodians to orchestrate highly effective events, guided by a comprehensive understanding of customer needs.

Yarandi Event

Events possess diverse applications and objectives. Astute event organizers must meticulously understand the contextual parameters of each event and, based on the desired outcome and the discerned needs of the target audience, judiciously select the most suitable approach for orchestrating the event.

Consequently, by judiciously allocating appropriate energy, time, and resources, the maximum and most favorable outcome can be reliably achieved. To reliably reach the desired result, it is paramount to select the preeminent event management company. Yarandi Event is unequivocally one of the most reputable and renowned event organizing companies, providing seamless end-to-end support alongside you.

Yarandi Event, through its comprehensive consideration of the central themes and coordinations, as well as the meticulous planning and execution of pre-event, in-event, and post-event promotions, catering, and other critical aspects, ensures that your most important business events are indelibly cemented in the memories of attendees. Yarandi Event is the guiding beacon illuminating the path forward for your future endeavors.

برگزار کننده ایونت
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Holding opening and product launch events

Holding opening and product launch events

Yarandi Holding offers end-to-end services for diverse event types, including technology showcases, product launches, startup events, entrepreneurship forums, and grand openings. Our seasoned team possesses the specialized expertise to orchestrate each event 



Custom booth design and branding, Personalized catering and hospitality, Videography, photography, content, Dedicated on-site personnel. Our end-to-end approach delivers a cohesive, impactful exhibition experience that elevates your brand.

برگزارکننده ایونت بین المللی سفارتخانه ای

International Event and Embassy Services

Yarandi Event, operating under the authorization to host international protocols, possesses the expertise and resources to provide comprehensive protocol services that strictly adhere to international security standards. This enables the company to effectively manage a diverse range of international and embassy-related events.

برگزارکننده کنفرانس و همایش و سمینار

Seminars & Conferences

The procurement of all requisite authorizations, as well as the meticulous and systematized delivery of organizational conferences and seminars, will be undertaken by the Yarandi Event Company. This will be facilitated through the deployment of our specialized operational personnel.

برگزار کننده ایونت شرکتی و سازمانی

Organizing corporate and organizational events

Design and implementation of events, in line with the specific objectives according to the organizational framework of the company in question.

برگزاری ایونت مناسبتی

Holding special events

Planning the implementation of various special events (anniversaries, year-end events, etc.) according to the personality of the desired brand.

Event Departments

Project Engagement Process

Initial Consultation

At Yarandi Event Company, we provide complimentary consultation services for clients and interested parties to discuss the available offerings in detail.


Commencing the Partnership

Upon formalization of the contract, you can entrust the project to us with complete assurance. As your collaborative partner, we will leverage our specialized expertise and technical know-how to represent your interests, employing the most effective methodologies and solutions to deliver the optimal results.


Achieving Successful Outcomes

With a sense of pride, we at Yarandi Event Company are honored to work alongside you towards the expeditious realization of your objectives.


Project Engagement Process

Initial Consultation

شرکت یارندی ایونت امکان تماس و مشاوره رایگان را برای مشتریان و علاقه مندان به خدمات ارائه شده توسط شرکت فراهم کرده است.

Achieving Successful Outcomes

با افتخار ما در شرکت یارندی ایونت همراه شما به منظور دستیابی هرچه سریعتر به هدف خود حضور داریم.

Commencing the Partnership

تیم ما، با بهره گیری از تخصص و دانش فنی خود، با استفاده از بهترین روش ها و راهکار ها، به بهترین نتیجه برای شما دست خواهیم یافت.

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